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Best Movie Streams On Kodi 

The solar movies Kodi addon are one of the most popular and biggest movies streaming resource. Kodi is open source it is free and legal to use. With is an app you can watch the old and new popular TV shows and latest hits movies according to your choice and countries in HD quality. Kodi addon provides all kinds of movies, whatever movie you want to watch. You can watch your TV shows without paying any cost. 

The  Solar movies add on  provides the license for access the Solar movie website via Kodi. This app is developed by XBMC Foundation. It is  also known as XBMC. This app is user-friendly and comes with all your digital media. 
It is easy to access and download Solar Movie, as well. Following the guide below you’ll know some of the best other movie streams. 

Use For Kodi App You Need Good VPN : 

VPNs create a private tunnel between your device and the internet, it is encrypting and make it unreadable to third parties.

VPNs also include the following benefits: 

  • Using this you can Watch the geo-restricted video on Netflix. 
  • Stop websites, ISPs, any third party agencies and government agencies from tracking your activity. 
  • Protect your data while using public Wi-Fi. 

The Best VPN for Kodi 


Every VPN service speed ratings to consider, with encryption protocols to compare Its privacy and policies and more. We always recommended VPN  for Kodi. We made our selection using the following criteria-  

Fast download - If you are streaming a lot of movies, then speed will be matter. VPN has a effective features it can be slower than an unencrypted internet connection, then you could need a service for incredibly fast servers. 

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logging policy- If your VPN keeps traffic logs You can’t stay safe. The  VPNs have some best feature that is zero-logging policy using this policy your data doesn’t stick around. 

App compatibility – Kodi run all verity of devices, including tablets, pc, laptop etc. You can use VPN with Kodi almost every device.VPN run almost all types of platform It is compatible with all device and every platform. 

Overall  solarmovie addon  are the best app it's all features are very understanding and user-friendly. And one of the best things in this app is, it can be used on phone, laptop, pc, or on any multimedia devices easily and you can watch any kind of videos, movies and TV shows according to your choice.